Who is it for?

For Patients

Our service can help your doctor to select the therapy best suited to your individual tumour profile. Based on your molecular and clinical data, our extensive Onco-Treatment-Soft analytical software provide your physician with detailed information to help identify treatments that are most likely to work for you and avoid treatments that would not be of benefit. Our service could help support your cancer treatment plan.

For Physicians

Onco-panels based on a next-generation sequencing (NGS) are the analytical services that together with Onco-Treatment-Soft form treatment decision support system that can helps to identify treatments options which match with the individual genetic profile, thus enabling to optimize cancer treatment plans and enhance potential treatment benefit for the cancer patients. Based upon the most comprehensive genomic analysis of a patient’s tumour, our Onco-Treatment-Soft software uses the large biomedical data to interpret genomic patient data in a clinical context.

Onco-Treatment-Soft will help:

  • Identify treatments with potential benefit.
  • Avoid treatments with potential lack of benefit or safety risks.
  • Select options for clinical trials.