MAINTRAC is a blood test that directly detects cells released by a tumor into the blood. These cells are responsible for metastatic spread and thus for the future course of the disease

A tumor consists of different cells. The primary tumor is surgically removed in most cases. But some of the cells from the tumor are washed out into the circulatory system (circulating tumor cells) and can form new tumor sites (metastases). Chemotherapy is intended to destroy these circulating tumor cells. There are a number of different chemotherapeutic agents that are used in adjuvant chemotherapy. Until now, the agent that worked in most patients, based on statistical data, was selected.


  • every patient is unique,
  • every tumor is distinct.

This means that some chemotherapeutical drugs work better in one patient than in another.

Do you know, which chemotherapeutic drug works best for you individually?

To provide you and your physician with a medically sound basis for a decision, a daily dose of each of the chemotherapeutic drugs planed for your treatment is added to your blood sample. The most effective drug is identified based on the rate of the tumor cells dying of in the blood sample in response to each chemotherapy agent.