DNA Research Center DNA is an innovative biotechnological company using the newest available technologies improving patient diagnosis. We develop and provide genetic diagnostic services in the field of medicine, microbiology and veterinary medicine using ultramodern molecular research technologies.

The company has been established in 2006 by two scientist in Poznan Science and Technology Park. As a result of our R&D work, which has been conducted since 2006, several new solutions and diagnostic test have already been implemented and commercialized. This includes new molecular screening tests for identifying predispositions towards genetic diseases, cancers and microbial infections in particular. We offer genetic diagnostic testing and counseling in many subspecialties of human genetics. Our medical and scientific experts are available to work with you to develop strategies for diagnosis and/or care of your patients. In order to provide complete sequencing solutions from sample preparation to advanced bioinformatics analysis, Genomic Laboratory of the DNA Research Center has developed extensive in-house capabilities, utilizing the newest technologies. We offer next generation sequencing (on two Illumina platforms - MiSeq and HiSeq as well as on the LifeTechnologies sequencer – Proton), Sanger sequencing, deletion/duplication analysis via MLPA, gene expression analysis for over 4800 genes. Most of our genetic disorders panels, consisting in total of over 4800 genes, include full gene analysis by DNA sequencing, the gold standard of genetic testing.

Genomic Laboratory of the DNA Research Center is a world-class facility Center, with proven quality, service and commitment to the scientific community. DNA Research Center from the very beginning of its activity, has received many precious awards and distinctions, such as Innovation for the Health, the Domestic Leader of the Innovation and the Innovative Project. Founders, Mr Jacek Wojciechowicz and Mr Michał Kaszuba became the finalists of Ernest & Young award “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

The quality of provided services has always been our first priority. In 2009 we received an ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. We do many special quality features as a routine part of our standard clinical testing to maintain a high quality level by, for instance:

  • daily internal and periodic external quality assessment
  • European Quality Assessment Programs as: External Quality Assessment Scheme (Düsseldorf, Germany), European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (Manchester, England).