"Onco" panels

Accessing clinical trials

Our somatic "Onco" panels can help to determine the course of treatment of particular patients as well as to direct patients to clinical trials of new molecular therapies which depend on knowing the genetic profile of the cancer.

Benefits of multiple gene testing in therapy selection:

  • Gene testing panels allow for more accurate predictions, it can provide more information to assess the effect of drugs without mandatory biomarker analysis.
  • It provides information to determine the most likely histological origin of the tumour (from even small histological sample) or to find targeted therapy even in the absence of the diagnosis of the primary tumour.
  • NGS technology allows for the sequencing of large genomic regions, a large number of genes and/or a large number of samples in a single, efficient and cost-effective assay. It makes the method less time and money consuming.
  • Traditional histological samples are sectioned for each separate test, which allows only a few tests at best from one sample. Multiple testing is carried out after DNA extraction, which can be used for many tests from the same DNA, without repeated sectioning.

Changing cancer medicine

Having a diagnostic test or 'panel’ that can screen for mutations in multiple genes at once will be important for access to all the new cancer drugs that are coming along.

Somatic cancer panel that the DNA Research Center offers, use the latest DNA sequencing techniques to detect a wide range of mutations in a wide range of genes. The test is able to cover more cancers and more treatments, all for a fraction of cost to conventional methods.

The data obtained from our somatic cancer panel will help to supplement the right treatments straight away and reduce potential side effects!