Personalised treatment

The drug sensitivity of tumour cells is different for each medication. The degree of efficacy of medications administered can therefore vary. Using a simple blood test, the maintrac chemosensitivity test can determine which therapeutic agent has the highest probability of being effective for each of your patients. Circulating epithelial tumour cells (CETCs) in the blood are individually tested.

Maintrac benefits for the patient:

  1. Individual monitoring of results of adjuvant chemotherapy Patients, whose circulating epithelial cells in the blood are completely eliminated or substantially reduced, rarely suffer a relapse.
  2. Individual use of hormone blockade: As long as there is no increase of cell count in the blood, perhaps even a gradual reduction, relapses are rare. The proliferation of circulating tumour cells depends on the number of their hormone receptors. These receptors are blocked with hormone receptor blockers, thus preventing cell growth, for example with tamoxifen. With HER2/neu this blocking ability sometimes only
  3. Individual and targeted treatment where metastases are present With statistically comparable treatments, we recommend those medications that affect the patient’s cancer cells.